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Revenues Should Be Used To Reduce Tax Levy

October 22, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: County Executive Vince Horrigan recently unveiled his tentative 2017 County Budget. Mr. more »»

Just Locker Room Talk

October 21, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum, Harmless braggadocio, right? Mr. Trump says that Bill Clinton did far worse, and he is correct, although he hardly needs to remind his opponent. Mrs. more »»

Respect Policemen

October 20, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Regarding Mr. Tingue’s article “Not To Judge By Appearances” on Sept. 28. more »»

Plumb Understands Quantum Communication

October 19, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: On August 15 2016 China launched an experimental Quantum Communication satellite. more »»

The Land Of The Free

October 18, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 1972. Or was it ‘73? I’m pretty sure it was ‘72. My brother scored on a 50 yard run on the last play of the game to give our B.P. more »»

It’s Time To End Tom Reed’s Charade

October 17, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Tom Reed, our current Congressman for several terms now, was one of the earliest in Congress to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy. more »»

Tom Reed’s Continued Support Of Trump Is Not Acceptable

October 16, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: The disgusting language and repugnant behavior of the Republican nominee can no longer be tolerated. more »»

Election Presents A Tough Decision

October 15, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: As the presidential election is coming down to the wire, one begins to wonder where the fair play is between the candidate. more »»

Economy Is Improving Under Obama’s Leadership

October 14, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: It’s interesting to compare two op-ed pieces that appear the same day in this newspaper. Today it was Mark Shields next to Tom Morgan. more »»

Jekyll & Hyde Was ‘Beautiful’

October 13, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: A wonderful opportunity afforded me the privilege of witnessing the opening night of Jekyll &Hyde at Lucille Ball Little Theater with some friends. more »»

What Will God Do?

October 12, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: What will God do with a nation that ends 21 percent of all its pregnancies by abortion? What will God do with a nation that has 44 percent of its births out of wedlock? What... more »»

There’s Still Time To Relish In The Splendor That Is ‘Jekyll And Hyde’

October 12, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: It all begins with the story, or in the case of the theatre, it all begins with the script. The script is king, is the plan for telling a story, it’s the guide, the initiator. more »»

Prendergast Library To Hold Local Artist Auction

October 9, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: Prendergast Library is holding its first-ever local art auction from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, and I invite area residents to participate. more »»

Obama Setting The State For A New World Order

October 8, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Anything can be justified under the banner of national security ... including sinister intentions. more »»

Residents Need To Display US Flag Properly

October 7, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I routinely bicycle the 44 miles around Chautauqua Lake. One such ride was on Sunday, September 11, Patriots Day. I was shocked that — of the literally hundreds on U.S. more »»

Library To Hold Artists’ Auction

September 29, 2016 To the Readers’ Forum: Come help the James Prendergast Library and support local artists at the same time. An exciting new community event will take place from 6:30 to 9 p.m. more »»

We Must Not Judge Appearances Only

September 28, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: I think it’s totally absurd, disgusting and downright ignorant that my daughter had to explain to her son how screwed up the world has become. more »»

What’s Wrong With Today’s Youth?

September 26, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: I was driving toward Jamestown on East Second Street last Saturday night when out of the darkness between two parked cars jumped a young man running from the Puzzle Bar to the... more »»

Westfield Community Kitchen Accomplishes Mission

September 25, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: We wish to extend our deepest appreciation for all the dedicated hours and funds donated to the Westfield Community Kitchen (WCK), which make fulfilling our mission possible. more »»

We Need To Keep Our Streets Clean

September 24, 2016 To The Readers’ Forum: When I look around Jamestown, I cannot help but become disheartened and angry at the way so many people have treated our beautiful city as nothing more than a municipal... more »»

Chautauqua County Loses 100 Jobs To Buffalo

September 23, 2016 To The Reader’s Forum: Chautauqua County (and the town of Ellicott) lost another manufacturer in 2016, Power Drives, and its 100 jobs. more »»



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