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Photo Tips and Info

Dave Hecei - CU Coordinator - The Post-Journal

Dave has been taking pictures since he was a small child. Starting with the family's Kodak 126 Instamatic, he loved taking pictures.

Starting in a new high school in '75-'76, he got hold of a Pentax SP1000 35mm camera and things really took off. Shooting black and white 35mm film was just the start. Soon he was in the darkroom developing the film and printing his own pictures.

After college (degree in computers and electronics), he found a job working in a camera shop/photo lab in Jamestown, NY ( The Camera Infirmary, Inc.). He worked there for almost 20 years selling and fixing cameras, working in the custom B&W darkroom, and running the 1-hour photo lab.

He soon combined his love of photography with computers by learning Adobe Photoshop. He also was active with the local photo club at the Jamestown Audubon Society. He was president of the club for several years.

He has had several gallery shows of his nature photos as well as in local advertising, cards, and calendars. He has also given several small workshops on photography, digital photography, and Photoshop.

phone: 716-487-1111 284


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