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Dave Hecei - Asst. IT Manager - The Post-Journal

Dave Hecei

Dave has been using computers since 1978. In high school he used a teletype machine while learning BASIC, a beginning computer language. After getting a college degree in computer programming, he went to work in a camera shop/photo lab, but he still had a love of personal computers. He started out with an Atari 400, then 800, then 800xl, and then to the ST line. The ST was Atari's version of the Mac with a mouse and GUI interface. In the '90s he went to the Macintosh and never looked back. He started out with the PowerBook 100 laptop and has owned many other Mac laptop and desktop models. As well as working on Macs and PCs, Dave is proficient in fixing Mac and PC problems, as well as tutoring others on how to use them. He was active in the short-lived ARMUG - local Mac user group in the Warren, PA/Jamestown, NY area.

phone: 716-487-1111 284


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