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Over 4 Million Served

October 17, 2011 - Dave Hecei
 From all accounts, Apple has sold about 4 million new iPhone 4S handsets this weekend. This does also include Friday, opening day for the 4S. This sales figure is undoubtedly helped by the fact that this new iPhone is now available from three different carriers, not just AT&T. Yes, now you can choose, or not choose, AT&T. Both Sprint (this is the first iPhone model for them) and Verizon have the 4S on their networks. Not matter, this is an amazing number of smartphones to sell in three days.

All of this didn’t go off quite as smoothly as Apple would of liked. But from what I hear and have read online, this weekend went better than when Apple released the 2nd generation iPhone. If you don’t remember back that far, only four years ago, Apple decided to force iPhone buyers to activate the phone before leaving the store. The first iPhone you could just buy one off the shelf, take home, and hook up to iTunes and activate your AT&T account online yourself. Forcing users to activate before leaving the store took time, precious time. This meant that those long lines didn’t move very fast. Plus, there were lots of activation problems to boot.

This time around, with the new 4S, there were still long lines, but Apple is getting more adept at setting up iPhones for their customers. With that said, there were still server problems with all the carriers. With that many people getting an iPhone at the same time, you’d get behind too.

Most are very impressed with their new iPhones. It isn’t that big of a leap from the 4 to the 4S, but compared to iPhones like the 3GS and older, the 4S is a speed demon. Reports have popped up about network speed problems. Most of the complaints seem to be coming from the Sprint side, but others are finding that Verizon models are also having issues. One user reported that their 3G android Sprint phone was running 3x faster data speeds than their new 4S in the same location.

The good news is that Siri, Apple’s new voice command software, is a big hit. It works and works well. While voice control of a smart phone is not new, Android has been doing this for a little while now, Apple has taken it to the next level. Siri can do some fancy stuff right now, but there is plenty of room for improvement and even more functionality that can be added to what is already there.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a 4S yet, and probably won’t get one right away, since I just got a new iPhone earlier this year. I am looking forward to iOS5. I will be putting that on my iPad here sometime soon. The new mobile OS, iOS5, comes already installed on the new iPhone 4S, and became available as a free download a couple of days before the 4S was released. It seems to be working great for most users and adds some important improvements to Apple’s already excellent mobile OS.


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