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August 28, 2011 - Ray Hall (Archive)
Almost immediately after he announced his candidacy Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) surged to a double-digit lead over his rivals in a nation-wide poll for the chance to challenge President Obama. His sudden rise to the front of the Tea-Publican pack prompted former Bush communication director Nicole Wallace to describe Perry as “that tall, ice cold glass of water” that Republicans were “crawling through the sand to reach for.” But as dry and parched as the Republicans might be when the Texan’s badly dyed hair is combed out there is hardly anything new or exciting about the Governor.

Perry is out of the same mold as other Tea-Publicans and Conservatives that talk a lot about individual freedoms and property rights but expresses disdain for physicians that perform abortions, women that have them, union members and government employees. He rails against Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and promises to burn the Villages in order to save them.

The Texas Governor regurgitates the same themes and brays about individual freedoms but has implemented a 21st century version of Jim Crow that discourages and deters people from voting. Texas requires a photo-id that excludes college and university ids but allows persons with concealed weapon permits access to a ballot.

The other day Rick Perry chided President Obama that “actions speak louder than words.” That was only one day after he accused the Head of the Fed of treason and threatened to treat him “ugly” if he ever ventured down Texas way. Perry’s comments should not have been surprising to anyone who watches cable television.

Another example of Perry’s acerbic anemia occurred in New Hampshire where he proved he was not as smart as a fifth grader. He tried to explain to a ten year old that in Texas he and a like-minded Texas School Board tried to turn the King James Bible into a science book for Texas school children. “We teach creationism right along with evolution” he said. Never mind that he didn’t know that creationism isn’t being taught in Texas Public Schools, the courts said no.

Conservatives and Tea-Publicans have become so proficient at inserting one scientific and historical absurdity after another into the public discourse that they have manufactured a handy pocket version of science and history as convenient in a debate as a live hand grenade.

Nothing illustrates that stubborn disregard for historical accuracy better than Michelle Bachmann’s claim that our Founding Fathers worked “tirelessly” to end slavery and her insistence that nine-year old John Quincy Adams led the charge. Congresswoman Bachmann was immediately supported by a gaggle of conservative pseudo-intellectuals who felt a strong obligation to fuel the lie rather than embarrass a Tea-Publican candidate. Regardless of Perry’s absurdities that same crowd will come to his defense.

Tea-Publicans incessantly refer to our Founding Fathers as the gold standard for moral rectitude and governance, but seem to forget that President Andrew Jackson might have hanged Governor Perry for threatening to secede from the Union.


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