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July 2, 2011 - Ray Hall (Archive)
Governor Sam Brownback recently signed an iniquitous anti-abortion law that effectively closed the state’s three remaining abortion clinics in Kansas. The law contains such onerous restrictions that even hospitals find difficult to comply with its provisions. The sinister purpose behind the law is to end a woman’s right to have an abortions in Kansas.

Governor Brownback is one of many anti-abortion crusaders who masquerade as lifeguards for the unborn yet recklessly disregards the health and well being of a living, breathing human being. That paradoxical notion places more value on the so-called life of a zygote than that of a pregnant female.

Solicitude for the yet to live in callous disregard for the life of the living shatters the pro-life narrative and in the worst case scenario suggests a more pernicious intent. That attitude would deliver women back to back alley abortions and return them to the very beginning of written history when women were articles of property.

Women have abortions for many reasons and it would be presumptuous for me to attempt to catalog or otherwise prioritize those motives. However, as a father and grandfather there is no way I would favor my twelve year old daughter or granddaughter carrying a baby to full term regardless of the circumstances.

To insist that a child forced into an incestuous encounter or a teenager guilty of a single indiscretion, or a rape victim who must continue a pregnancy to term is strong evidence of a fraudulent devotion. We do not know and should not know why women opt for abortions. However, I remain convinced that they should never be forced to wait for 72 hours or compelled to see an ultra sound or listen to a lengthy lecture from an anti-abortion advocate before the procedure. Pro-life is a misnomer for anti-abortion advocates; forced pregnancy more accurately describes their intent.

Since the Supreme ruled abortions constitutional in the 1973 decision of Roe-v-Wade Kansas is not alone in its efforts to undo abortions. Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Louisiana have or have attempted exceedingly harsh restrictions on women and doctors for having or performing abortions.

In Oklahoma Doctors are required to do an ultrasound of the fetus and describe its physical characteristics even if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. The Oklahoma law also protects doctors from unlimited lawsuits for failing to inform a woman that her baby has birth defects. The attempts to curb abortions range from outright bans to building codes regulating door size to “the angle and jet types” for drinking fountains in abortion clinics.

Governor Brownback and many in the forced pregnancy movement would never think of picking up a gun and murdering an abortion provider like Dr. George Tiller or Dr. Bernard Sleplan. However, their ultimate objective of banning abortions or severely restricting a woman’s access to that medical procedure does threaten the life of pregnant women and there will be those who will die as a result.

P.S. As of five o’clock Friday afternoon, July 1st a Federal Judge granted an injunction barring the state from closing three abortion clinics until a hearing can be heard for permanent relief.


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