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25 Days of Gadgets - Day 15

December 16, 2008 - Dave Hecei
Apple’s latest iPods, except the tiny Shuffle that has no display, are great multimedia players. They can play music files, audio books, and videos. The iTunes store has both TV shows and Movies you can buy, plus you can now rent movies. There are ways to get your own video onto an iPod, but it does take a bit of time and quite a bit of work and patients. One way to get your videos onto an iPod is with the Neuros OSD, a set top box that connects to your television or home theatre.

The Neuros OSD has been around for a while now and they keep improving its functions. The OSD is definitely a multitasker. It can be used as a video archiving machine, allowing you to transfer your VHS tapes, DVDs, and home movies to either an external hard drive, flash memory card, or USB thumbdrive. You can also connect the OSD to your home theatre setup like a VCR to record TV shows. Since the OSD has no tuner, you need to connect it to the video out of a VCR, a cable box, or satellite receiver. Because the OSD uses external USB storage media, you have practically unlimited recording time.

The OSD records the video in an iPod/iPhone compatible format. This is the Quicktime MPEG 4 format. This means that you can move the video files directly to your iPod without any further conversion. While you do have to record in real time, meaning that a 2 hour movie takes 2 hours to record, you don’t have to spend another 1 to 6 hours converting it to an iPod ready format, it’s already there. Of course, for TV shows you could bring the video into something like iMovie and edit out the commercials.

Along with all the input/output ports and card slots, there is also an Ethernet port so you can attach the OSD to your home network. This allows you to playback video files that are on your Mac on your TV. This makes the OSD function like an Apple TV. While it doesn’t have the same functionality that the Apple TV has, remember that the Apple TV does not record.

If you love watching videos on your iPod/iPhone/Touch then you will definitely want to take a look at the Neuros OSD. It is a super fast way to get your own videos on your iPod. It will also work like a TiVo letting you record TV shows and other video to a hard drive or flash memory.


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