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Burning Thoughts On Tuesday

August 26, 2008 - John Whittaker

With work bogging me down today, here's a few burning questions from over the weekend.

When will parents start teaching their kids right from wrong and, when they misbehave, discipline them? Since I moved into my apartment five years ago, kids have broken into vehicles three times - they haven't taken anything except for change. I fell asleep at about 1 a.m. Sunday morning and was awoken Sunday at 8:30 by a very nice Jamestown police officer telling me my car had been gone through. Nothing except for coffee change had been taken, but it was a pain nonetheless.

On Saturday, I was buying lunch at Quality Markets and, walking through the exit doors, a kid - couldn't have been more than 12 years old -- started giving me crap about the shirt I was wearing. I walked through the doors, stopped, and went back in. I asked the kid what he said and told him his mouth was going to get him in trouble someday, turned around and left.

If I had ever mouthed off to an older person like that, I wouldn't have been able to sit down for a week. If I had ever been caught taking anything out of someone's car, the cops wouldn't have had to worry about doing anything to me, because my parents would have locked me up themselves. It is the kid's fault, but ultimately, parents, what are you doing?

Sunday morning, I was watching ESPN: Outside the Lines. To my surprise, ESPN had made the trip to Wilson, which is between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, to do a story on hazing on the Wilson High School baseball team. The story was well-reported and I can feel for the kids and the parents. Two questions, though. If coaches have had complaints about hazing at the back of the bus, why aren't you spread throughout the bus. Are you kidding me? Are you dumb? People had already complained about the situation, so you sit in the front of the bus and play dumb? We didn't see anything. You should be brought up on charges. Second burning question: Since when did hazing get so mean-spirited? When I was in high school, we had initiation -- I was duct-taped to the railing outside a picture window in my underwear. Swimmers used to take new swimmers and throw them in the snow after practice. It was very no-harm, no-foul, and afterward, the upper classmen made you part of the group. It's just another example of things going too far.

Related to the above story, how many police agencies are there in Erie County? You mean it took the New York State Police to get involved for charges to be brought. Aren't there worse crimes for the State Police to be handling? ESPN interviews a well-spoken State Police investigator for its story for what reason? Was there a conflict of interest with the local police? Did they just refuse to handle it? I think that's a valid question.

Why, with 99 channels on the mid-level Time Warner Cable package, is there nothing better on than WKRP In Cincinnati? Monday night, because I've seen enough Law and Order, Family Guy and Two and a Half Men, I was flipping through the stations and ran across an old episode of WKRP on the American Life Network, which is Channel 59. The episode was hillarious and a good time was had by the Whitless Wonder. With all the channels we have, why is that the only good show on? I'm absolutely going to start buying more TV shows on DVD just for instances like Monday night, when I'm in the mood for a comedy that I haven't seen 140 times. I love Family Guy, but two-hour blocks aren't necessary when there are only like 10 episodes in rotation. Reality TV leaves me cold. I can only watch SportsCenter so much. If I see another Law and Order spinoff on TV, I'm going to go nuts. What does a guy have to do to see Archie Bunker, Doogie Howser or even The Wonder Years? This is getting ridiculous.


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