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August 1, 2008 - Ray Hall (Archive)
First things first: Whether you agree with me or not, thanks for taking the time to comment. That means that you’ve read something I wrote and reacted to it. I thank you for that. People need to read more and question more. As a society we do not question enough. How many dread asking their Doctor a question? How many times do people fear reprisals if they question the prevailing authority? Local politicians are seldom questioned directly by citizens even though at times they say and sometimes do the dumbest things. We have grown accustomed as a society to accepting the ridiculous excuse that paying more for less is a good thing. Coffee is an example. Coffee was once sold in a sixteen-ounce can and a three-pound can contained 48 ounces. I bought a three pound sized can the other day that had 39 ounces. It was written right on the can that although I was paying for 9 ounces less, I was getting the same amount of coffee as I would with a full three pounds. No, I was getting 9 ounces less. Question coffee. Make it a habit to question everything. Question my commentary, challenge what I say and if you want, it’s even okay to agree with me occasionally.

NYNana wrote on 7/12/08 that while the Dems would win big in November that she would not vote for either of the two candidates unless one was Hillary Clinton.

Response: Neither candidate would have been my first pick, but even though she lost I came away with renewed respect for Senator Clinton. She fought harder for the nomination than any male Democratic candidate I’ve ever seen.

Superman wrote on 7/14/08 that he liked the peace and prosperity of the Clinton Years and that Bush was the worst President in history.

Response: Can’t add much to that. Although President Bush isn't the first name you think of when discussing environmentally friendly world leaders, he should get credit for his environmentally friendly house in Texas.

A comment by “danyay” was critical of my BPU blog (I think) and mocked the fact that I grew up without electricity. He asked playfully (I think) if I wrote the original in hieroglyphics? danyay wrote on 07-21-08 9:46 AM: "I grew up without the conveniences of electricity" Oh really? Did you write this article originally in hieroglyphics?

"Ultimately, we would still be using coal but with a 200-year supply of coal it remains unlikely that the so-called “free marketplace” will abandon using coal in some form."

Let's see... because we're the Saudi Arabia of coal? Why wouldn't we use our own natural resources?

RESPONSE: danyay yes, I did indeed write the original in hieroglyphics. I suspect you had Egyptian Hieroglyphics in mind. Instead I used English Hieroglyphics. You understand that the Egyptians used symbols, mostly animal, to tell a story. We write in much the same way; we use symbols, a twenty-six-character alphabet, to tell a story. The Egyptians bested us on characters; they had more than 2000 available. We know that the characters C A T identify animals of the feline family even though the symbols in no way resemble a feline. But depending on the groupings of the adjacent symbols we get a picture of a furry, cuddly kitten or a roaring lion.

Because you have expressed an obvious interest in hieroglyphics I have used contemporary photographs as symbols Egyptians might have etched in stone or on a clay tablet to communicate a message. Begin with the top photo-pretend you are reading from left to right-the Egyptians would have called the top photo a viper, the middle or second photo is a baby duck-Egyptians would have called it that, the third is a lion, they would have called that one too. Figure it out. It's like a rebus puzzle. They also had a form of paper. I think they may have invented paper. For some reason the snake shows up twice.


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