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Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere

October 4, 2013 - Liz Skoczylas
After a week of having a new puppy in the house, I'm proud to say the little guy is doing well.

Nick and I have been pleasantly surprised to find that Harley sleeps through the night with little or no whining or crying. Ramsay used to keep me up all night for months on end, he was so bad in his crate.

Additionally, Harley has been, for the most part, good at potty-training. There have been a few accidents here and there, but we have been taking him outside often. And, when Harley goes potty outside, he knows he gets a treat and comes running over to us for it as soon as he goes.

The negative? Harley is a chewer. He hasn't destroyed anything, which is wonderful. But, if he's in one of our laps, he likes to bite us, our clothes or the blanket. We've been distracting him with toys he IS allowed to chew, but I don't really think he's getting the difference yet. After all, he IS only nine weeks old.

Ramsay isn't really sure what to do with Harley yet. Harley has far more energy than Rams, who is content laying on the back of our couch and looking out the window for hours on end. Harley wants to play, Ramsay has ignored the majority of his toys for years. Harley wants to climb all over Rams and bite his ears... Ramsay runs to my lap to get away. Ramsay's advantage, at 14 pounds, is that he is big enough to jump onto the furniture, away from Harley. I'm honestly not sure Harley even weighs a pound yet.

Our family has eight dogs from the same breeder, and all eight have the same dad. It's kind of a crazy family tree, but it's fun to get them all together and see all of their personalities.

The first two we got were Ramsay and Wailey, who are both four and from the same litter. Wailey belongs to my parents, Ramsay is Nick and my dog. Ramsay and Wailey are yorkie-jack russell mixes.

Next, my brother got Siezzy, who is now three. Siez is yorkie-cairn.

Then, my aunt and uncle who live in Toronto wanted a puppy. They got Odin, who has the same parents as Ramsay and Wailey, and is now two years old. However, there were two puppies in the litter. My parents decided they couldn't leave the other puppy, and got odin's sister, Carrie.

Last -- but not least -- are Harley, Bentley and Krakow, who are all nine weeks old, and have the same parents as Siez. Harley belongs to Nick and me. Bentley also traveled to Toronto, as my cousin and her fiance took him. And, another uncle adopted Krakow.

Four litters, eight puppies and one dad. But, those are our lovey, lively puppies!


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Ramsay, who is 14 pounds, and Harley, sitting still for once.