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We're The Millers

September 4, 2013 - Liz Skoczylas
The hubs and I road-tripped it for our long weekend last weekend.

I have to admit, when we left town, I was not looking forward to being in a car for any length of time with my husband. We had already been having a rough week of married life, and were looking forward to time "away." But, right before we left, I couldn't find my sunglasses, and I KNEW I had left them in Nick's car, but he couldn't find them and then we yelled at each other a little and couldn't find the address we were going on the GPS because it wouldn't recognize Canada... And it just wasn't pretty.

Anyway, we were headed to my aunt and uncle's cabin in Canada, which is about an hour and a half north of Toronto. We were going to spend the weekend with my cousin Deidre and her fiance Simon, my cousin Justin, my brother Steve, and his fiance Mary.

It was kind of a quiet car ride out.

Recently, we went and saw "We're the Millers" at the movie theater. Warning, it is NOT a family-friendly movie, but we laughed. A lot. So, when we got to the border, I joked to Nick that we should say "We're the Millers." Obviously, we didn't do that.

Five hours and one pit stop later, we were at the cabin. Thus began a weekend of no internet, lots of Phase 10 and Apples to Apples, jet skiing, shopping, eating and drinking. And learning that Nick and I are delicate little flowers.

It all started Saturday, when the boys discovered a hole in the raft they used to tow behind the jet ski. So, while Mary, Deidre and I were making lunch, the four of them "ran to town for 10 minutes" to find a new tow. In the time it took us to grill 10 steaks, make a salad and corn on the cob, the boys weren't back.

When they finally returned, they had a rocket raft, with some material that was supposedly NASA approved or something like that. Which obviously meant nothing good would come from the experience.

After we ate, we all donned swimsuits and headed down to the lake, which is located directly behind the cabin. Steve was the first to test the rocket raft. He hit the water so hard, his knees bled.

Also, in this time, Ramsay, our dog, was getting so upset about the raft and Steve and Justin taking off, he jumped in the lake after them! It is the first time in his four years of life that I have seen the dog voluntarily jump into the water! His little puppy face looked shocked. But, we learned he can swim very well.

Nick was next on it, with me driving the jet ski. I had just taken off, when he was already off it, and obviously in pain. He had hurt his arm to where he couldn't move. Steve and Justin had to get in and pull Nick into shore, while I brought the jet ski in and Deidre ran for ice. I felt awful.

Luckily, the best we can figure is that he was holding onto the raft so tight he got a Charlie Horse in his arm. Once he got ice on it, the muscle relaxed and he was able to move it again.

That night, at dinner, the seven of us ate outside. As we ate and talked, it started getting dark. And, I got bitten.

I'm not exactly sure what bit me. And, we went inside about 10 minutes later. But it immediately started to itch, so I figured it was mosquitoes.

By the next morning, my left foot was swollen like crazy and still itching. We went shopping, and I didn't think much of it. That night, it got worse. Blisters actually started popping up where the bites were. It was really gross.

The rest of our weekend was fairly uneventful. Although we had a storm that knocked out the electricity Monday morning, it was fairly short-lived, and we left the cabin around 11. Although it had taken us only five hours including a stop to get to the cabin, it took us more than seven to get home. We sat at the border for about 80 minutes. Traffic crawled. It was miserable.

But, overall, once we got over our bickering, we had an amazing weekend. It was a nice reminder that sometimes we have to put work, friends and the Internet aside and pay attention to each other. Getting away from our fast-paced lives for four days was exactly what we needed.


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