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Happy Birthday, Ramsay! (And Wailey!)

July 22, 2013 - Liz Skoczylas
Today, our furry little bundle of joy turns four!

Our dog, Ramsay, is the child we don't have. Yes, Nick and I are THOSE puppy-parents.

On Saturday, I wasn't feeling so hot after being at a wedding with not enough air flow. (Maybe I was feeling too hot??) I was in our air conditioning, when Nick decided he was going to run some errands, including shopping for a birthday present for Ramsay.

When he got home later that night, we shooed Ramsay out of the kitchen and whispered -- because, after all, our dog TOTALLY knows what we're talking about -- about what Nick bought.

Sunday morning, I was on the phone with my mom, and I mentioned Nick had bought Ramsay birthday presents the day before, and I was running out to buy them after I got off the phone.

"You don't just buy him one gift from both of you?" My mom asked.

"Matka, he is our only child," I explained.

Even my mother thinks we are crazy.

I think I've mentioned it before, but my parents have Wailey, Ramsay's brother from the same litter. So, it's Wailey's birthday today too! I had to buy presents for both puppies!

When Nick got home after working a double shift yesterday, Ramsay and I were already in bed. He asked what I had bought for Ramsay's birthday. I covered Ramsay's ears and whispered to Nick what I got. I also acknowledge our insanity.

This morning, Ramsay got lots of birthday belly rubs from us. He hasn't gotten his birthday presents yet. He will get them tonight, along with a bowl of ice cream. Because... He's spoiled.

According to, one in five people let their dog sleep in the bed with them every night. Additionally, 61 percent of women talk to their dogs.

My favorite statistic? More than 50 percent of pet owners buy their pets birthday presents, spending an average of $50. (My total only came to $6! I think Nick spent more, though...) And, the majority of those who bought presents also threw a birthday party for their animal.

According to an article from USA Today, "Although many think treating pets as family is brand new, it's centuries old. In the 1700s, Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, was deeply devoted to his dogs, and when his greyhound Biche died, he wrote wrenchingly of his heartache: 'It is best to be too sensitive than too hard.' Playwright Eugene O'Neill didn't get along with his kids but adored his Dalmation Blemie, who had an Hermes raincoat and a four-poster bed. In Julius Caesar's time, women toting small bejeweled dogs about Rome was quite the rage."

I wish I had a bejeweled dog.

I don't really know where the obsession with dogs came from. I do know I have been to press events where several people have gotten their cell phones out to show the latest pictures of their dogs. I have covered meetings where people talk about the latest thing their dog did before the meeting gets underway.

For me, I think my connection with Ramsay is because he has been there consistently through some pretty bad times. I've had Ramsay longer than I've had Nick. Ramsay has moved seven times with me in the four years of his life, and I didn't even officially own him until October 2009. He has been the most constant part of my life through everything the last four years. When I get home from work, he is ready for hugs and kisses and belly rubs before I can even put my purse and lunch containers down. He is the best cuddler, even in the 90* heat. And he rarely gets mad at me.

So, the least I can do is spoil my furry little baby on his birthday. He deserves extra toys and treats. He deserves ice cream. Because, he is always there for Nick and I.

Happy birthday Ramsay and Wailey!


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