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Monday Mash-up

March 4, 2013 - Liz Skoczylas
While Google-ing to find out if I could use the word "Mash-Up" without sound dumb for using it wrong, I learned that it is slang, meaning:

1. a recording that combines vocal and instrumental tracks from two or more recordings. 2. a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources.

That's according to It also means, according to Google's own definition: A mashup novel, or mashup book (also mash-up), is a work of fiction which combines a pre-existing text, often a classic work of fiction.

So, I'm using it.


I put my extreme-couponing skills to the test over the weekend. I swear, Nick must think that I'm completely insane. But, I'm ok with that. As long as he shows up May 11, he's stuck with me. Til death do us part.

I did some grocery shopping yesterday. I was armed with coupons that I would definitely use in one plastic baggie. Another baggie held coupons that could be doubled. And, I had my pink couponing binder, just in case I found some super-duper sales while I was out, and had coupons for them to bring them to super-dee-duper-dee sales. In all, I wound up saving $66.15, which, guys, is $66.15 worth of FREE FOOD. I didn't end up saving more than I spent, which was my goal, but it was pretty decent none-the-less.

I also did some shopping with my mom over the weekend. All of us kids (me, Nick, Steve-o and his fiance, Mary) lovingly call her Matka, which is Polish for mother. Well, Matka is a pro at store coupons. Last year, with Matka's help, I wound up with four dresses - some of which I will use for our rehearsal dinner and on our honeymoon! - for $40. They originally would have been... a lot more money! She also helped me coupon for bedding. I got more than $200 worth of bedding for only $50. She's crazy good at store coupons.

Well, Matka was searching for a dress for Steve-o and Mary's wedding. She found one, and it's amazing. Then, we did a little more shopping. I was looking for the perfect garment for under my wedding dress. I'm sure there's a real name for it, but I call it a fat-sucker! :) Really, ladies know what I'm talking about. The thing keeps everything where it needs to be, and it's basically a wedding-dress staple. Anyway, since no one really wants to hear about my fat-sucker, it was originally $60. With Matka's couponing skills, $27! I'll take it! One more thing to check off the wedding list!

Speaking of that list, and the fat-sucker... I don't have a wedding dress. Yet. Allegedly, it will be in at the end of the month. It was supposed to be in mid-February. Surprisingly, I'm ok with this. My biggest fear is that the dress will come in and not zip up. I know, it's irrational. They took my measurements. There is an on-site seamstress. I don't think I've gained much if any weight since the measurements were taken. But, it's still in the back of my head. Which is why I wanted the fat-sucker. Haaaaa.

The story with the dress is, apparently it's made in China. When my dress did not arrive at the bridal shop in Erie as planned, the store called to find what the hold-up was. And, it turns out, when the spool of fabric arrived at the (factory? I don't know where wedding dresses are made in China...), there was a defect in it. So, the fabric had to be sent back to wherever the place is that the people making the dress get it from. Following so far? Good. Then, once they got the new spool, it was Chinese New Year, and the place making the dress was closed down for the week. Long story short, the dress should be in sometime before the wedding. And, the bridal shop will make it fit me. Perfect.

Also wedding-related, my bridal shower is in less than two weeks! I have been really anxious about the shower, because I think it's kind of weird that people are going to stare at me while I open things like potholders, sheets and towels for two hours. Hello, that doesn't sound too exciting! It sounds incredibly awkward to me!

However, my matron of honor, Emily, sent out really super-cute invitations. I don't know what other plans Emily and the rest of my bridesmaids, mistress of ceremonies and Matka have in store for me, but I am actually starting to get excited about the shower.

The only thing I'm having anxiety about now is the wedding registries. Nick and I registered at two different places. And, like a bad-bride-to-be, I check into the registries every few days to see if we're getting anything exciting. At first, some big items went off the list right away. But now, for about two weeks, nothing has budged off the registry. So, either we have some procrastinators coming to the shower, who will be buying things the day before (hopefully!), or people have decided they don't like our registry and they are buying us random items. The thing with a registry, though, is we didn't register for things we WANT... we registered for things we actually NEED! Like, I've been using the only one potholder I own, and it has Christmas trees on it. We wash our sheets weekly, because they are the only sheets that fit our bed properly. And, we really need more towels. Desperately.

So, while I might think it's a little awkward to open gifts in front of a room full of people, I'm really hoping for the things we registered for when I do it.

Finally, in our first remodeling effort in our new apartment, Nick and I got our spare bedroom painted over the weekend! I'm very excited about how it turned out. The color is called "Sea Life" by Behr, and it's a light turquoise-y color. I'm very proud of us and this accomplishment. I'm excited to paint our bedroom next!!


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