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Just Elope

September 4, 2012 - Liz Skoczylas
One of the things N and I have heard time and time again from our friends is to "just elope."

A lot of our married friends told us horror stories of their wedding planning process – families that wouldn't talk to each other, struggles over details.

I'm proud to say that so far, we have really been enjoying our planning process.

N and I have been on the same page throughout everything. Some things have required some more in-depth discussion, but so far, the planning is going well. Here's where we stand...

*The DJ was the first item of business we secured. From going to many of our friends' weddings over the last year, we had already decided pre-getting-engaged who we wanted, should the time ever come. We got very lucky in that our first-choice DJ was available, and we got him booked right away. (We were a little worried about this, because we are getting married smack-dab in the middle of prom season for area schools!)

*The venue was another easy item. My mom and I went and did a preliminary sweep of potential venues for the reception. Some were too big, or too small, or too dark. But, like Goldilocks, we eventually found the space that was just right. I brought N through once we determined the top choices, and he completely agreed.

*My wedding dress was surprisingly easy, too. Let me tell you, prom dress shopping was impossible. I put my mother through about seven hours of torture, because no dress felt "just right." However, for the wedding dress, my mom, N's mom and I were in and out of the shop in half an hour. Seriously, it was like the seventh dress I tried on. I cried. They cried. It was beautiful. So simple.

*Photographer was simple once we buckled down. Honestly, the hardest part was searching for them. Once we met our photographer, magic happened.

*Theme, color, decorations... I won't get into too many details, but N and I each chose a color to incorporate. I am a complete Pinterest-addict, so I've found some ideas on there. When I find something I like, I show it to N, and he either goes, "Yeah, I really like that," or "Ummm, you've lost your mind, lady." Haha.

*Caterer... Another easy-peasy. N picked a dish, I picked a dish and we're going to do a vegetarian option. I almost fainted when I saw the price quote, but according to my parents, we are getting a good deal. I'm going to have to take their word for it.

*Wedding party ensembles... I'm excited to say that a few of my bridesmaids will be in town in a few weeks to do some dress-shopping. They live, literally, all over the world, so I'm completely excited to be with anyone that is able to come for this. And, the tux situation is in N's hands... He can pick out whatever will make him happiest for him and his guys. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

Although we have a lot done already, there's still more to be done. I'm super excited to do some cake-tasting. We're totally looking for suggestions on best bakery in the area, and we are really excited to taste-test to find our cake.

I have to say, I almost feel like things are going too smoothly, and we are too happy. I am incredibly lucky that I have a fiance who gives his input and opinion on important things. And, his parents and my parents have been really supportive for whatever crazy idea we've thrown their way.

We've gotten so far that I feel like we're letting our guard down a little. The major things have been purchased and booked. I feel like we're overlooking something major, but I guess that's part of the fun of planning a wedding – not knowing if something's wrong until it's staring you in the face.

So far though, nothing has been truly elope-worthy. I credit N as being the more logical half of our relationship, which has been amazing in planning. Our families have been completely supportive of everything we've wanted and have been very helpful in guiding us in the right direction. And, my matron of honor (and best friend!) has been amazing in sharing what did and didn't work when she had her own wedding last year.

We are glad none of our friends decided their own wedding planning process got so bad that they chose to elope, as we loved sharing their special days with them. And, we are excited – as time ticks down and more items get checked off our list – to share our day with them.


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